Thank you Shien Jin, S.B. ’03 (MIT) for the sponsorship to MITMASA!

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Tonight, I decided to support my fellow EXCO, Yee Ling for her web-based app submission (she was a semi finalist!) for 6.470. It was so cool to see all these young, bright students having such a great time honing and battling each other with their programming skills. I felt so proud of the students at MIT. Something tells me that these bright, young minds will go out to change the world for the better. I feel safe to be around them. Their energy is contagious!

Anyways, as I was unlocking my bicycle, ready to cycle home after a long day under below-freezing temperatures, I noticed that I have an email from Shien Jin, a fellow Malaysian who graduated from MIT back in ’03. I was so happy to find out that he has channeled his annual MIT donation to MITMASA! I like to thank him for his generosity and I promise that whoever runs MITMASA in the future after I have graduated, come approach me and if you show me the passion, I will show you the $$ (I’l ask Shien Jin too!). *glee*

This is a NICE and wonderful Ang Pau for MITMASA surely. Thanks again, Shien Jin.

WH on behalf of EXCO 2013



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